Democrats Whine About Obamacare

“Somebody should be held accountable,” said Rep. Xavier Becerra, D-Calif. “Absolutely.”

That’s from an AP story called Frustrated Dems lament damage from website bugs. Here’s my suggestion. Why not turn every Congresscritter who voted for it out of office? Wouldn’t that put some of the responsibility where it belongs?

And rather than delay the inevitable, why not kill it before it does anymore damage? Don’t mend it. End it. Meanwhile, the Republicans should …

Let it burn.

Deja Voodoo

Ah, the politicization of Science … Both the Left and the Right do it, but the worst abuses of the past couple of decades have been on the Left. If asked to name an example of Progressive Pseudoscience, many conservative would point to the global warming scam. My pet peeve is something else, the alleged differences between the brains of Republicans and Democrats.

Supposedly, the difference is that Republicans are inherently more fearful, and the “scholars” behind the study used “science” in the form of MRIs to “prove” it. 

Hank Campbell has a post over at Science 2.0 that explores the defects in this bit of Pseudoscience. Their methodology was poor, and their interpretation of their data worse. As Campbell points out,

Prior papers said everyone is motivated by fear, not just Republicans, and a later one determined that liberals are just being politically correct – when they get drunk and lose their inhibitions, they become more conservative.

Read the whole thing.

And the next time you try to convince a Progressive of something rational, buy him a beer.

Obama Vis-à-vis Nixon

The brouhaha over the DoJ’s leak investigation and AG Holder’s participation in the FBI’s searches of journalists’ phone records and emails points to a basic difference between the Obama and Nixon White Houses.

The Obama administration has used government employees to deal with leaks.

The Nixon administration’s plumbers were private contractors.

Both seem crooked, but at least one favored private enterprise.

What Difference, At This Point, Do the Facts Make?

Stacy McCain has a post up analyzing the Democrats “How Dare You?” defense of the Benghazi fiasco.

It seems to me that the Democrats’ positions is best summed up by the remark made by Rep. Simpson (D-Springfield)—

Facts are meaningless. You could use facts to prove anything that’s even remotely true.

UPDATE—Roger L. Simon reflects on Hillary de Medici.

Corrupt Politicians? In Maryland? Really?

Really! Wendy Rosen, one of the Democrats running for Congress in Maryland this year, dropped out of the election when it came out that she is registered to vote in both Florida and Maryland and voted in the presidential primaries in both states in 2008.

Stacy McCain, who recently left Maryland for an Undisclosed Location, asks

How many other Democrats from Maryland are also double-registered in Florida? Enough to tip a close election? Yeah, but never mind: No ID required! — because that would be racist.

Over at Hot Air, Erika Johnsen wonders

But, I’m just left wondering — and correct me if I’m wrong here — did Democrats just admit that voter fraud exists?

Well, yes, they did.