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UPDATE 1—2015 NOV 28 05:39:01 UTC
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(The search terms were “Cabin + Boy” and “Schmalfeldt”)

UPDATE 2—2015 NOV 28 16:30:48 UTC

UPDATE 3—2015 NOV 29 03:55:01 UTC


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UPDATE—2015 NOV 27 16:02:15 UTC
2015 NOV 27 16:25:20 UTC

UPDATE 2—2015 NOV 28 04:10:52 UTC
2015 NOV 28 04:16:31 UTC

UPDATE 3—The Cabin Boy™ is welcome to spend his time reading and researching Hogewash!—after all, while he’s so engaged, he isn’t bothering anyone else. Thus, by keeping him occupied, this blog performs a public service.TheMerryWidower201511280415ZAs for taking the blog private, why should I? I’ve nothing to hide.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I’m coming across all sorts of magnificent craziness as I’m wading through the back issues of such stimulating blogs as Trailer Trash Guy, The Mockery Continues, and Die Schmalfeldt Tagezeitung. Some of the biggest laughs come from the comments that their various sock puppets make. Here’s one from schmalfeldt dot org.MarkInMD20140722

I really couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

On Copyrights

I was rereading Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll, and noticed something interesting about how the blog described in the book got started. The character known as Hoggy hired the author to write the blog, offering to pay him with a cut of money raised via Hoggy’s tip jar. If that’s true, then all of the TMZ blog posts contained in the book should be work-for-hire and, therefore, should belong to Hoggy.


UPDATE—After my conversation with CreateSpace this morning, this is what searching for the Cabin Boy’s™ book turned up on Amazon at 12:15 ET this afternoon.Amazon_Confessions_20151124