Prevarication Du Jour

@GrouchyOldLib201505202225ZThe Cabin Boy™ hears all sorts of things. Sometimes they’re from such questionable sources as The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. Other times, I’m not sure of the source of the voices he says he’s hearing.

BTW, if anyone does need to look up my contact information at Goddard, I’m listed as William J. Hoge.

I’m not sure what the Cabin Boy’s™ purpose is for spinning such outrageous stories, unless he is trying establish a sterling reputation for making it up as he goes along and a proven track record for being wrong.

UPDATE—Why make you have to search for the info? Here’s my current listing in the NASA Directory.Hoge NED

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ has posted an ultimatum over at his Liberal Grouch website (No, I won’t link to it) saying that if I continue to allow people to use avatars he does not approve of, he will ask WordPress to take down this site. Because services such as Gravatar (run by WordPress, BTW) allow users to change their avatar images at will, it is unrealistic to expect a site operator to keep track of who uses which image at any given time. He can make his complaint if he wishes. I doubt WordPress will do what he wants, but the Cabin Boy™ should understand a couple of things just in case they do. 1. This site is fully backed up through 11:59 pm ET, 19 May, 2015, and can quickly be restored to a new service provider. 2. He should know by now that if this site is disrupted because of such a frivolous complaint, I will take steps to hold him responsible.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The corrections policy for Hogewash! states that

Hogewash! is not in the business of spreading false information about anyone or anything. If you believe that a post on this site contains erroneous information, please contact W. J. J. Hoge via one of the means on the DMCA page with an explanation of the error. If the error is confirmed, a correction or retraction will be issued forthwith.

On 8 May, I published the following concerning the final peace order hearing held that morning:

Among other interesting things that came out during the hearing was an admission from Schmalfeldt that he is one of the anonymous cowards who have been sending harassing comments to this blog.

I have received a certified CD of the courtroom audio for the hearing, and I have listened to the relevant section.

I stand by my original report.

In Re a Peace Order

Judge Stansfield has denied my motion to modify and extend the second peace order against Bill Schmalfeldt and has ruled that it was ineffective after 27 February.

Bill Schmalfeldt is still on notice not to contact or harass me, and that notice was restated and reinforced by Judge Ellinghaus-Jones at the conclusion of the trial on 16 April. I consider any further contact or harassment after the restatement of the notice by the judge to be acts prohibited by several statutes including Md. Criminal Law § 3-803.