Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Here’s another whopper from one of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s court filings. This is from his opposition to my motion to dismiss his first amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 29-22TDPK asserts that I was in on his mythical fraudulent fund raising on behalf of National Bloggers Club in May, 2012. I was a newbie who hadn’t heard of NBC back them.

The real hoot is the “media report” he cites as Exhibit J. It’s supposed to show what we were seeing in the media back in May. The report is dated August.

Then there’s the question of the reliability of the report. It’s from Matt Osborne quoting Bill Schmalfeldt and Breitbart Unmasked as sources.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy’s™ claims that he no longer had access to his email account after September, 2012.PBT210403291332Z

On 6 December, 2012, Schmalfeldt published a post entitled While Stranahan Offers Rewards for Imaginary Threats, We File Complaint for Real Internet Crime. As of last night, the post was still up at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it) (H/T, @stephensheiko). That post contains this:BU20121206


UPDATE—Lest the Gentle Reader think the Cabin Boy™ simply made a typo once on 6 December, he included the same sentence in a post called While Stranahan Offers Rewards for Imaginary Threats, We File Complaint for Real Internet Crime the next day. Oh, and don’t think that the second occurrence was a matter of cut-and-paste. He also published the following in a post called Take Heart, Fools! Stranahan is Spending Your Money WISELY on the 7th:BU20121207


UPDATE 2—StephenSheiko201403311104ZHeh.

UPDATE 3—The Cabin Boy™ is still trying to claim that he wasn’t using the account past mid September.PBT201403311052ZNow, it may be true that his “friends” can’t find any of his emails, but suppose that one or more of his ex-friends kept such emails.

From: [redacted]
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:28 AM
To: The Liberal Grouch <>
Subject: Re: question

Copy …

On Tue, Sep 25, 2012 at 11:27 AM,The Liberal Grouch <> wrote:
Stand by.

From: [redacted]
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2012 11:23 AM
To: Old Liberal Grouch Account <editor@liberalgrouch.c= om>
Subject: question

How can I register for a login at the Patriot-Ombudsman?



UPDATE 4—Mmmmm. Trader Joe’s Caramel Popcorn for breakfast.

UPDATE 5—Last, but not least, it should not be surprising that some of Schmalfeldt’s adversaries have saved emails. Note the date.

Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 21:24:48 -0400
Subject: On the subject of swatting,
From: Bill Schmalfeldt <>
To: Aaron Worthing <[redacted]>
CC: “Tae H. Kim” <>

Mr. Walker.

I believe a judge has thrown out the case where I was accused of sending a swatting message. Therefore, there is no evidence I have swatted anyone, and I am telling you I have never swatted anyone. If you value your meager possessions, you will henceforth refrain from saying, suggesting, inferring or intimating that I have ever been directly or indirectly responsible for swatting anyone. I am sending a copy of this notice to my attorney ,Mr. Tae Kim, who ate your lunch in Howard County recently as you will recall.

I have never swatted anyone, have never been involved in the swatting of anyone, and have never had foreknowledge of anyone’s impending swatting. Your next inference that I have been responsible for such reprehensible behavior had better be accompanied by proof, or you will be considered to have willfully, with malice and forethought, libeled me in a public place.

Do we understand each other? In fact, I believe I insist on an apology and a statement that you have no knowledge that I have ever been involved in swattinganyone. Pleaseensurethatthisapologyissenttomeviae-mail, with a copy to Mr. Kim, and is posted publicly on Twitter.

Thank you. Bill Schmalfeldt

Copy to Tae Kim

UPDATE 6—Of course, the email to Aaron Walker is from rather than just plain—another example of the Cabin Boy’s™ multiple (Internet) personality disorder. BTW, it appears that Schmalfeldt wants to surplus that domain.LG4SaleHowever, that’s not the case. The domain is now owned by a cybersquatter.

Prevarication Du Jour

A few hours ago, I noted that Breitbart Unmasked posted photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Walker taken by Brett Kimberlin while he was stalking the Walker’s at the Howard County District Courthouse on 1 March, 2013. Bill Schmalfeldt was the editor of Breitbart Unmasked at the time the pictures were published. A few hours ago, the Cabin Boy™ tweeted this.@parkypundit201403010222Zwalkerandwife1walkerandwife11Here are thumbnails of the pictures that were published. There’s no question that the pictures were taken by Brett Kimberlin. He was photographed while he was taking a picture of Mrs. Walker, and there is forensic information tying the images to his iPhone. There is also no question that Bill Schmalfeldt (in his “Liberal Grouch” persona) was editor of the blog at that time. As of 12:01 am ET today, they were still on line at and

These aren’t the greatest images, but the Breitbart Unmasked posts using them claims that they are, in fact, pictures of the Walkers.

UPDATE—The thumbnail on the right is a picture of the Walker’s car with Mrs. Walker sitting in the front seat. It was taken from a fairly low angle, suggesting someone sitting in a lower car parked in front. If you look closely, you can see that something is covering Mrs. Walker’s face. It turns out that it was an iPhone, and that she was using its camera.TDPKstalkingHer photo shows someone in a gold Prius holding an iPhone up as if to take a picture. According to the contemporaneous records, that Prius has the same tag number as the one shown in the online court database for a traffic ticket issued to Brett Kimberlin, and Brett Kimberlin was driving it.

Breitbart Unmasked, a website over which the Cabin Boy™ exercised editorial control, published the pictures in question on two occasions, tagging them as “walkerandwife1″ and “walkerandwife11.” But the Cabin Boy™ says that he was not responsible. He’s right. He was irresponsible.

Prevarication Du Jour

The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin included a copy of a Breitbart Unmasked post by Xenophon the Troll (No, I won’t link to it) as an exhibit in that motion he filed after the judge order him to stop filing motions in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. That got me to reread the post, and I found this howler.BU20120221

“Dozens of peace orders”? Plural? At least 24?

Let’s fact check that.

Looking at the Maryland Judiciary Case Search database, we find the following peace orders petitions have been filed against Bill Schmalfeldt: 06C13063359, 1002SP002432013, and 1001SP003432013. That’s a total of three. One of them was granted and then extended.

Running the same check on The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin turns up these petitions: 06C13063590, 0601SP033922012, and 0601SP003412013. I am also aware of another peace order petition filed against TDPK which is now sealed and no longer appears in the public record. That’s a total of four. One of them was granted against Kimberlin. Over the past couple of years, TDPK has filed four peace order petitions against three individuals, and all failed either at the final hearing or on appeal.

The last time I checked, seven is substantially less than “dozens.” IIRC, when sealed protective orders are added in as well, TDPK has filed more petitions against others than have been filed against him, and every single one of his has failed in the end.


Prevarication Du Jour

After weeks of studiously ignoring the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, Xenophon the Troll is back at Brietbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) trying to put a positive spin of Judge Grimm’s letter order that was filed last Friday.BU20140225That’s not exactly what the judge ordered.

ECF 83 extractA show cause order is serious. It’s not a simple “help me understand this” question. It’s an order to appear and explain to the the court why it should not take some action. In other words, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin now has to explain to the judge why sanctions or some other relief are not appropriate, and the burden of proof is on TDPK.

Another part of the spin from Team Kimberlin is that the judge is weary of all the filings, especially those from Aaron Walker and from me. That may be, but TDPK is the only party facing any discipline from the court. If I were Judge Grimm, I’d be tired of all the extraneous paperwork too. Perhaps he agrees with what I wrote in an reply to one of TDPK’s oppositions:

Finally, Plaintiff says of Defendant Hoge’s Motion for Amended Report and Motion to Strike that “[r]esponding to these is a huge waste of time and judicial resource.” Just so, but not in the sense Plaintiff means. It was Plaintiff who filed the instant frivolous and vexatious lawsuit. It was Plaintiff who botched service of process and filed a misleading report with the Court. It was Plaintiff who did not send timely service to Mr. Hoge. All of the paperwork involved in the instant vexatious lawsuit stems from Plaintiff’s actions. And, yes, the whole exercise has been and continues to be a huge waste of time.

The judge has given TDPK until 7 March to get his act together with a proper amended complaint that complies with the Rules. That means that we defendants should only have to file one more set of motions to dismiss, and then things can begin to move forward. Of course, TDPK is threatening to add more defendants which could cause additional complications.

Stay tuned.

BREAKING: Xenophon Tells the Truth

In a surprising twist Xenophon the Troll finally tells the truth in a post at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) about The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious lawsuits against bloggers and media entities. In a prolonged screed about Paul Alan Levy’s representation of anonymous blogger Ace of Spades in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, Xenophon writes—BU20140221bYep. As TDPK has claimed, donations from big-time leftwing contributors are drying up for his not-for-profits. For example, the Threshold Foundation had given Velvet Revolution grants totaling as much as $65k a year, but it has zeroed out its support.

It was leftwing blogger Seth Allen who first shined some light on Brett Kimberlin’s current activities. The fact that it was mostly the right half of the blogosphere that rallied to Allen’s defense allowed TDPK to paint resistance to his lawfare as persecution from the right.

That dog won’t hunt anymore. Ken White, Zoa Barnes, and Paul Alan Levy are not rightwing nut jobs, but they have all provided pro bono legal help to victims of Team Kimberlin. The ACLU, which is also helping in Ace’s defense, is rarely thought of as a rightwing organization.

Because of the extra publicity stirred up by TDPK’s frivolous lawsuits, good people on the left are realizing what kind of person Brett Kimberlin is, and they are deciding that they have better things to do with their money than supporting his unprofitable not-for-profits. The Streisand Effect blowback putting a real crimp in his business model.

Team Kimberlin haz sad. I expect them to act out even more outrageously before things are settled.BU20140221a

On advice of counsel, I won’t reply with a Clint Eastwood quote.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Hogewash! has been on the Interwebz for a bit more than two-and-a-half years now, and every single post, except one, is still available online. That post was the donation page for Tetyana’s Fund which was taken down at the donee’s request. Some posts have been subject to correction, but I don’t take down posts.

Not every website is willing to stand by everything it publishes. For example, Breitbart Unmasked took this post down almost immediately after it was put up.BU20130716It contained a version of Brett Kimberlin’s story concerning his marital difficulties. It was a different version from any of the one’s he told in court. (And the version at each hearing was different from every other as well.) The post was taken down quickly when several bloggers noted the difference between it and the various tales Kimberlin had told in court.

However, the post has been preserved offline. And court transcript audio CDs exist of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s different scenarios presented to different judges.

IANAL, but I’m told that one of the exception to the hearsay rule is the production of copies of deleted records. The classic example is the case of a ledger from which one page has be removed be being supplemented by a set of contemporaneous photocopies that include the missing page. I suppose a 21st-century analogy would be a set of offline backups of a website.

Xenophon Channels Sir Robin

Xenophon'sLatest?sir robin shieldIt’s been a couple of weeks since Xenophon the Troll has had anything to report over at Breitbart Unmasked about the progress of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s vexatious lawsuits. Perhaps his boss hasn’t let him see all the paperwork that’s been filed in both the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. suit and the federal Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

OTOH, given that there’s only been 8 comments on his last lawfare post, maybe he’s figured out how little real-world interest there is in his wrongheaded, inaccurate analysis.

Changing the Subject

Gentle Reader, I occasionally take a look at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) so that you don’t have to. 10 days ago, Xenophon (the Troll) had a celebratory post about The American Spectator taking down posts about The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin written by Stacy McCain. Those posts were back up in short order. That was the last bit of coverage of TDPK’s lawfare quest.

Also, over past few days, several motions have been filed by defendants the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness pointing out various apparent forgeries and lies from TDPK. Kimberlin’s responses have not denied any of those allegations, so, as far as the record before the court is concerned, they can be taken as true. OTOH, he has lashed out with irrelevant ad hominem attacks against Aaron Walker and me that are simply not germane to the case. Indeed, the big news from Monday was TDPK’s motion to disallow Aaron Walker’s 31-page reply to TDPK’s oppositions to various motions to dismiss. TDPK’s filing doesn’t cite a single reason based in law to deny the Walker motion, but it does contain a bigoted rant against people with learning disabilities.

Meanwhile, Xenophon seems to have decided that the current developments in the lawsuit aren’t worthy of coverage.

I wonder why?

Room 101

Xenophon the Troll’s use of the term “memory hole” in a post he put up at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) got me thinking about the origin of that term in the book Nineteen Eighty Four. One thought led to another, and Room 101 came to mind. Room 101 was the torture chamber at the Ministry of Love where the Party subjected a prisoner to his worst nightmare.

That got me to thinking … what would Xenophon find in Room 101?

Truth, perhaps?

BREAKING: Some Maryland Republicans Know Each Other

<sarc>In a stunning exposé by Xenophon, Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it) has published the earth-shattering news that certain Maryland Republicans actually know each other and, as hard as this may be to believe, have worked together in recent political campaigns. Some these Republicans are conservative or libertarian bloggers as well.</sarc>

For the record, Jackie Welfonder is a friend, and I look forward to seeing her again at CPAC this year. I voted for Dan Bongino for Senator in 2012, and I’d vote for him for Congress this fall if I hadn’t been gerrymandered out of the 6th Congressional District.

Prevarication Du Jour

Xenophon the Troll is channeling the Amazingly Inaccurate Criswell again over at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) This time the nonsense has to do to with First Mate Neal Rauhauser’s attempt to gen up some sort of connection between the Kimberlin Unmasked identity and a real person.BU20140127That’s an ambitious undertaking—foolhardy, because there’s nothing to find—but it’s ambitious. You see, Team Kimberlin has already run afoul of the GIGO principle: garbage in, garbage out.

OK, what do I mean by garbage in? Consider these bits of data:forgedTwitterIPThe account_id is the correct one for @Kimberlinunmask. However, the login time is on 24 December, 2013. The @Kimberlinumask account was suspended on that day, and it’s not possible to login to a gulaged account.

While it’s not quite as obviously stupid a submitting two versions of the same document to the same court in the same case or as mind-bogglingly crude as failing to remove a PACER legend and using the wrong typeface to create a do-it-yourself court summons, it is … well … it’s kinda amateurish.


Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Xenophon asks a silly and misleading question over at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it).BU20140114b

This is one of those “have you stopped beating your wife” questions. The defendants in the frivolous and vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit won’t be abandoning any so-called “blog court” strategy because we have never employed one. What we have done is point out some of the false allegations in The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s complaint and some of mind-bogglingly stupid procedural errors he has made. Here at Hogewash!, I’ve tried to do that with a bit of humor and a great deal of sarcasm. The one thing none of the defendants has done is to tip our hand to show what our actual defense strategy might be. We’ll let the court try the case—if it manages to get past the preliminary stages.

Oh, and to save Xenophon from having to ask, yes, I still beat my wife—at Trivial Pursuits. But she beats me at Scrabble.

If you’d like to help my codefendants (Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and Kimberlin Unmasked) and me fight Brett Kimberlin’s attack on our First Amendment rights, go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

Prevarication Du Jour

Xenophon has more to say about Monday’s hearing in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit over at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.).BU201401114aUh, huh.

Of course, they’re not. One is a black & white copy and the other is a color copy with a check marked added in the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box. The matching tracking numbers must be of no consequence.9871_a9871_b

Prevarication Du Jour

Xenophon is telling lies over at Breitbart Unmasked again (No, I won’t link to it.)—BU20140114Z9871receiptWhat really happened was that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s motion for alternate service on Ali Akbar was denied. You see, Maryland Rule 2-121(a) requires that service of process via mail be by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Restricted Delivery. Unfortunately, TDPK didn’t check the box for Restricted Delivery on the Certified Mail green card. Also, and this is confirmed by the USPS mailing receipt he filed as an exhibit in his RICO status of service report, he didn’t pay for Restricted Delivery either. The Restricted Delivery charge in 2013 was $4.75 in addition to the $5.65 for Certified Mail with Return Receipt. Sure enough, the copy of the green card that Kimberlin filed with his motion for alternate service does not have the Restricted Delivery “Yes” box checked. Even if he had mailed the package to correct address, service would have not been valid.9871_a

Meanwhile, TDPK was unhappy that Ali’s lawyer was not being cooperative, that is to say, was looking out for his own client’s interests. In a fit of pique, TDPK filed a motion for sanctions against Ali’s lawyer, and, to make sure that he got it right this time, he included an exhibit that showed the green card with the box checked.9871_b

And he got caught.

And Judge Burrell was not amused by having two versions of the same document from the same party. Motion denied!

Furthermore, at no time during the hearing did Judge Burrell verbally order Ali’s lawyer to disclose Ali’s current address to TDPK, and she has not sent any such written order to Ali’s lawyer.

So what we have here is a notorious liar lying about what happened when a convicted perjurer got caught filing an apparently forged document with a court.


Silly Question Du Jour

Xenophon (the Troll) has another of his wacko posts up at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.) in which he tries to connect me to various nefarious activities on the Interwebz.BU20140109Perhaps I should. By whom?

So far as I know, the only person who would be in a position to ask me questions in court would be The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin. (Bill Schmalfeldt might get a crack at me if I’m called as a witness at one of his trials. However, given the evidence that could be introduced from the record of the peace order extension hearing, my testimony might not be required. But I digress.) Why would Kimberlin think that questions about alleged interactions between me and Matt Osborne, William Ferguson, or Alex Brant-Zawadzki might be germane to either the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit or the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness? Is TDPK teamed with these folks? If he is, that would go toward proving the existence of Team Kimberlin, but, since TDPK’s suits claim that merely saying that Team Kimberlin exists defames him, he might not want to go down that path.

I have no knowledge of any of the stuff Xenophon has written about, but if TDPK wants to question me about the material in that post, I’d be happy to take his questions on the witness stand under oath. He would be opening the door to very interesting lines of inquiry by the defendants. He could expect some interesting related questions when he testifies in the RICO suit. (He isn’t banned from testifying in federal court.)

Oh, one more thing … I’ve never claimed to be a dramaturge, but I am a trained voice actor, and I am familiar with The Wasps. Thus, I’ll leave Xenophon with these words from Xanthias:

Your dream stinks vilely of old leather.

New! Improved!

There’s a new look to the Breitbart Unmasked website this morning (No, I won’t link to it.). They’ve dumped the logo that Bill Schmalfeldt designed for one with a much clearer look. Here’s the old banner logo designed by the Cabin Boy—heddAnd here’s the new look—BU logo 2014

A new look for a new year? Or a quick change after a discussion on websites such as Kimberlin Unmasked about the Breitbart Unmasked/Bill Schmalfeldt connection and the bits of data the Cabin Boy leaves behind in his images.

I’m sure it’s just coincidental.

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One wonders what they’re thinking over at Breitbart Unmasked? Of if there’re thinking? A few days ago, a post with Xenophon’s byline went up that attempted to appropriate the Acme Law theme that I’ve been using to describe the nonsensical legal theories behind Team Kimberlin’s lawfare and apply it to Aaron Walker’s recently filed memorandum in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. (That’s the suit against Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Kimberlin Unmasked, and me that accuses us of defaming The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin by writing truthful things about him.)

Now, if Brett Kimberlin is known for anything, it’s for being convicted as the Speedway Bomber and for being the guy who lied about selling marijuana to Dan Quayle. So why, one wonders, would his propaganda website include this LooneyTunes clip in a post?

Yeah, the coyote is fiddling with nitroglycerin and TNT instead of Tovex, but still …

You can help my codefendants and me defend ourselves against Brett Kimberlin’s frivolous and vexatious attack on our First Amendment rights. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

Shameless Commerce

While scanning through Breitbart Unmasked, I found an extremely silly post trying to pin the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked on Dustyn Hughes (aka Monitor 2112). Apparently, the BU crew thinks that they have evidence that Mr. Hughes participated in some online event and that his participation proves something or other.BU20131204

During a Twitter exchange between Monitor and one of the Team Kimberlin thugs, I popped in to plug the Res Judicata iPad covers recently added to The Hogewash Store. It was an inside joke between Monitor and me. I had added them to The Hogewash Store at his request.

It’s really quite pathetic to see the way Team Kimberlin is grasping at straws.

Prevarication Du Jour

Down at the bottom of the Breitbart Unmasked webpage (No, I won’t link to it.), there’s a series of numbers that increments several clicks upward each time the page is reloaded. It’s a fake traffic counter. Here’s what it looked like just before 9 am ET this morning.BUcounterOver a million-and-a-half hits! And complete bullshit. At the same time, the all-time page view counter for Hogewash! was ticking past 782,000. Hogewash! is an older blog than Breitbart Unmasked, and since BU has been online, this blog has always had substantially more traffic. Indeed, for the last few months, BU‘s daily traffic has struggled to match an average hour’s at this blog.

So why have the bogus counter? If it were on the Justice Through Music Project or Velvet Revolution US sites, it might make sense. (“Look, see! We’ve got lots of traffic. We’re effective.”) Is the lying so compulsive that … oh, never mind.

It Sure Is Quiet Over There

RICOMadnessThere being the Breitbart Unmasked website (No, I won’t link to it.).

It’s been over a week since The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin received my motion to dismiss in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO lawsuit, but nothing has appeared on his website attempting to debunk any of the points made in my motion. Given the ballyhoo at Breitbart Unmasked when the state and federal suits were filed, I’m a bit surprised.

Their expert analysis (stop laughing) of the case showed that the Brett Kimberlin had all the defendants dead to rights. According to Breitbart Unmasked, the RICO suit was supposed to result the defendants becoming the targets of an FBI investigation, but, thus far, the only federal agencies that have contacted me since the suit was filed have been NASA, asking a technical question about some equipment I designed, and the Social Security Administration, informing me of a 1.5% cost-of-living increase.

Perhaps, TDPK has been busy with all the paperwork due by the first week of the new year. He had a bunch due in the state Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. case at the end of last week. There’s a deadline in the RICO case coming up between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and several deadlines during the first week of 2014.

Still, Xenophon or Roger S should have written something by now—unless, of course, they can’t find anything to attack.


Prevarication Du Jour

Here’s another ludicrous line from the keyboard of Xenophon (the Troll) as published at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.).BU20131216b

Three-Stooges-HitlerIt’s true that The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is seen by some of us as something out of the movies, but not as a horror movie villain. While he is viewed as potentially dangerous, he’s seen as something out of a two-reeler. This picture which was used in a post published last year provides a fair summary of what many of us think about TDPK and his crew.

Prevarication Du Jour

As I mentioned yesterday, Xenophon (the Troll) keeps writing hallucinatory fiction about Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuits and the facts surrounding them over at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.). For example,BU20131216a

Actually, I was the first person to use Maryland’s law prohibiting a convicted perjurer from offering testimony to stop The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin from testifying. That disability has been on the books in Maryland for around 150 years, and when a local prosecutor pointed it out to me, I made sure that my lawyer was aware of TDPK’s status.

Since that trial, Kimberlin has gone on record admitting his perjury conviction, and he’s tried to argue that it violates his rights. However, the law is settled on the matter. Perjurers may not testify in Maryland courts. Period. BTW, Maryland is not the only state with that rule.

In the current Maryland lawsuit, TDPK is the plaintiff, and Aaron Walker is one of the defendants. Mr. Walker’s raising of the issue does not “prevent Kimberlin from being able to defend himself in court.” Rather, it prevents him from using his own testimony to attack Mr. Walker in the frivolous and vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. suit.

(You can help Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Kimberlin Unmasked, and me defend ourselves in that lawsuit. Go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.)

Perhaps this reveals the real reason for the federal RICO lawsuit. TDPK may be venue shopping to find a place where he can testify. But why would that be important? Certainly, if his case were righteous, there would be documentary support for it. After all, it’s mostly about what people have written. And surely, there would be someone who could offer testimony on his behalf.

Unless, of course, the written evidence doesn’t support his allegations, and he can’t find anyone willing to lie for him.