The Culture War

Benjamin Domenech and Robert Tracinski have a post over at The Federalist reviewing the history of America’s culture war over the past few decades and speculating on its future.

If history repeats itself, it is good news for traditional Americans and bad news for the Left, which has taken on the role of Grand Inquisitor so rapidly that overnight civil liberties have become a Republican issue. Slowly but surely, the American Right is adopting the role of the cultural insurgent standing up for the freedom of the little guy. They crowdfund the pizza shop, baker, and photographer; they rebel against the establishment in the gaming media and at sci-fi conventions; they buy their chicken sandwiches in droves. The latest acronym that came out of the Sad Puppies movement says it all. They describe their opponents as CHORFs: cliquish, holier-than-thou, obnoxious, reactionary, fascists. This is their description of the cultural Left.

Hogewash! has been engaged in a few of the minor skirmishes of the Culture War. I’m thankful for the support I’ve been receiving. Meanwhile, the Domenech and Tracinski piece helps put things in perspective. Read the whole thing.