The Next Two Years

The New Republic has a piece up called What the Next Two Awful Years Will Look Like. It makes some guesses about what will happen in Congress if the Republicans win control of the Senate. Among their predictions are

• The gutting of Dodd-Frank
• Keystone XL being approved
• Strategic cuts to Obamacare
• Difficulty in the President getting his appointments confirmed

They seem to think these would be bad things.


Da Tech Guy has a piece up this morning about the chatter surrounding Senator Pryor’s inability to handle a softball question from a MSNBC interviewer. Read the whole thing. Pete believes that the real topic of discussion should be why the media throws such softballs to Democrats.

You should be outraged, unless of course you are so used to it that it doesn’t phase you anymore …


I’d be surprised if MSNBC weren’t openly in the tank for the Democrats.


Mismanagement at the State Department

The Washington Examiner reports that the State Department Inspector General has uncovered rampant mismanagement of grants by the department under Secretary Clinton.

Why am I not surprised?ECF 135-152UPDATE—I should tell the Gentle Reader who may not be familiar with Brett Kimberlin’s (The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin) vexatious lawsuit against over a score of bloggers and media entities (including me) that paragraph 152 above is from the second amended complaint in that lawsuit. Search on the term <RICO Madness> in the search box above to learn more.