Warrior Cops

One of the things that I noticed around the Montgomery County courthouses is how heavily equipped the local cops were. Given the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, more and more people are noticing the militarization of policing in America.

Don’t get me wrong. I think police officers should have access to whatever they legitimately need to do their jobs, but I’m uncomfortable in places where the beat cops are better equipped than the average soldier or Marine on a day-to-day basis.

After all, unless they get drafted or enlist, the members of police forces are civilians.

UPDATE—Most soldiers here in America don’t wear a full set of combat gear most of the time.

Taking Sides

I support Israel in its existential battles with enemies dedicated to its destruction. Israel is the only country in the region that is recognizable as a democratic state. It is at war with totalitarian thugs. In such a struggle, I support the democracy against the thugs.

Some folks seem to favor Hamas. Over at the Justice Through Music Project website, they’re headlining a video by Op-Critical called My Eyes.

In 2010, JTMP teamed up with musical-activist band Op-Critical and made the music video “My Eyes” criticizing the use of disproportionate force the Israeli Defense Force always uses against innocent Palestinian civilians. Four years later in 2014, the video still is relevant and needs to be reposted in light of the hundreds of civilians recently being killed by the IDF in the Gaza Strip. … Watch “My Eyes” below, and contact the Israeli embassy in DC and tell them to stop responding with such disproportionate military force in civilian areas.

If you can stomach the singing, you can watch the music video on YouTube.

Hamas has brought about the situation in Gaza. I’ve been amazed by the restraint the Israelis have shown. If I were going to call their embassy, it would be to offer my support.

Follow the Money

The Washington Examiner reports that Sandra Fluke’s biggest campaign contributor in her run for the California State Senate is Sandra Fluke. While she has raised more total money than her competitor,

If you remove family donations and loans, Allen has raised $330,141. Removing the same from Fluke and she’s only raised $278,859.01.

Read the whole thing.