Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ keeps up his whining about the lack of intersection between his narrative and the real world in a post at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it.) called Powerless in Howard County. He includes the following comment about me.P-O20140327What I do ain’t rocket science. It’s applied quantum mechanics.

“Rocket science” involves simple Newtonian physics. Quantum mechanics is a much more sophisticated discipline, and the suggestion that I am employed doing less advanced work borders on defamation.

An Evening in the Real World

I’ve spent most of this evening engaged in the real world. After work, Mrs. Hoge and I had some business to take care of near DC. After a leisurely dinner down there (Mmmm, Tilapia), the drive back to Westminster in the snow was pretty with the snow dusting the branches of the trees along the road.

Now that I’m back at work more or less full time, there will be hours long periods when I don’t attend to blogging. I’m told that one of my most ardent readers has interpreted my having a real life interacting with the real world as hiding. No, it’s caused by having a life.

BlogBash 2014

I’ve just left BlogBash 2014 to the younger crowd and have settled in for the night in my hotel room. First of all, congratulations to the all the award winners, especially Stacy McCain who won in the Activist Blogger category. I was amazed to have been nominated in that category, but I’m not surprised that Stacy was the winner.

Last year was my first time at CPAC and BlogBash, and I enjoyed meeting many bloggers whose work I admired. This year, it’s been a pleasure finally meeting some of my codefendants in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.

I’ll have more to tell you about BlogBash and CPAC over the next few days. For now, it’s time for an old man to get some rest.

Back in the Saddle Again

This evening I agreed to go back to work full-time for a while. I was enjoying my semi-retirement, but my former colleagues working on the GOES-R program have persuaded me to rejoin them. I’ll begin on Monday at Goddard Space Flight Center.

GOES-R is the first of the next generation of weather satellites.

Video Credit: NOAA / NASA

Ice Storm!

We’re had an ice storm overnight here in Westminster. There’s a thick coating on everything outside. Neither the electrical or telco lines to stately Hoge Manor have been affected yet. However, we are hearing the occasional thud of a widowmaker dropping out of a tree. So far, we’ve lost a sizable branch out of a maple in the back yard and another out of an oak in the front yard. The most substantial damage has been to an ornamental cherry tree in the front yard. It may be so extensive that we’ve lost the tree.


UPDATE—I can see several hours with my chain saw in the near future.

A Busy Signal

Yesterday, I tried to connect to Mossberg’s website. I wanted to look up some information on an old shotgun that’s been in the family since before I was born, an old pre-WWII bolt action .410. I couldn’t get through.

And then I found out that Mossberg has just released several Duck Commander models.

That explains the increased traffic. I guess I’ll wait for the rush to subside. It’s still busy this morning.

Birthday Frivolity

Mrs. Hoge is organizing our family’s annual New Year’s Eve open house which doubles as my birthday party.

I’m taking the rest of the year off. I’m be back around tomorrow.

Oh, one more thing … if it’s clear tonight, go outside and look toward the south. That very bright star you’ll see near Orion’s feet is Sirius. It will be due south at your local midnight on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.

22 November, 1963

My friends and I had been sitting at a table in the school cafeteria talking about politics and how interesting it was going to be to watch Barry Goldwater (who we presumed would be the Republican nominee) run against President Kennedy in 1964. I took a break from the conversation and went over to the desert area to get some ice cream. The girl behind the counter was transfixed by the transistor radio in her hand. When I started to talk to her, she shhhed me and turned up the volume. The announcer was repeating a news flash from UPI about the President being shot in Dallas.

I walked back over to the table and broke the news to my friends. We left and went down to a classroom with a TV set. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Walter Cronkite relay the story from Dallas. There were no more classes that day.

There will be a lot of retrospective stuff published today, and I suspect that much of it will either omit or distort one key fact—Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who killed President Kennedy, was a leftwing nut job; he was a communist.

What I Saw and Heard in Court Today

The hearing on The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s motion to compel Google to give up the identity of Kimberlin Unmasked in the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit was the last item that the court heard this morning. Other than the judge and his two clerks, the only individuals in the courtroom were Brett Kimberlin and one of the Kimberlin daughters; Kimberlin Unmasked’s lawyer and a law student working with him; Google’s lawyer; and my son William and me. There were no other eyewitnesses. I was present both as a party to the case (I am one of the et al.) and as a blogger/reporter.

Putting on my blogger hat …

TDPK spent around 15 minutes trying to make his case. His presentation was not well organized, but the judge got the gist of it and cut him off. There were a pair of affidavits submitted to support Kimberlin’s motion. One was objected to on the grounds that it was from TDPK who is not allowed to testify in Maryland courts because of his prior perjury conviction. The other was from a member of his family. I will not discuss that affidavit because it deals with a Kimberlin family matter which I believe should remain confidential for now.

Kimberlin Unmasked lawyer made a proper defense of why his client should remain anonymous. The judge did not agree.

Google’s lawyer took no position on the merits of the matter. He submitted a draft motion of what Google was willing to provide, and Kimberlin agreed to that order. Google will provide the current IP address and current name associated with the account in question.

After the judge recessed the court, TDPK went over to the two lawyers to work out some details. I was sitting close enough that I overheard the conversation. Neither my son nor I heard either lawyer offer any sort of apology to Brett Kimberlin for anything.

After Kimberlin left the area, I went to Technical Services and bought a copy of the courtroom audio for the hearing. This report is based on the notes I took during the hearing and a review of that audio.

I have been informed that Kimberlin Unmasked will not appeal the judge’s order. The Gentle Reader can make of that what he will.

Putting on my party-to-the-case hat …

I will have no further comment on the hearing or the judge’s ruling.

UPDATE—I will clarify one point. The second affidavit was not from Mrs. Kimberlin.

A Day in a Life


Neal Rauhauser, who seems to have been filing in at @catsrimportant and @x3n0phon, is certainly showing signs of panicking with all the wacky stuff he keeps throwing out. For example, this:xeno201310201443Z

Now, I’m not sure who Xenophon (the Troll) thinks is my flock. If the troll is thinking of the folks who follow me on Twitter and WordPress, it’s true that there are some things that I haven’t shared with you. Here’s what I did for the past 24 hours.

Most of yesterday afternoon was spent working on the layout for a printed circuit board for a prototype microphone preamplifier that I am designing for a client. As you can see by scrolling down on the Home page, I did get a bit of blogging done. Saturday evening, I read a bit, tweeted a bit, did some paperwork related to one of Brett Kimberlin’s frivolous and vexatious lawsuits, and, at 11 pm, I was on Becca Lower‘s Internet talk show with Aaron Walker. And so to bed.

I got up around 6 this morning and did a little blogging as well as preparation for church. I don’t have any pastoral responsibilities at church for now (so, strictly speaking, that isn’t “my flock”), but I did preside at communion. After church, I came home and found @x3n0ph0n’s nonsense in my Interactions on Twitter.

And that’s the last 24 hours, more or less. Yes, I do have a life in the real world off the Internet.

Team Kimberlin is entering a downward spiral. The recently filed lawsuits are poorly drawn attempts to intimidate their perceived enemies. The overreach is mind-boggling. The flailing attempts to find something, anything, with PR traction are a clear sign of fear that the tide has really turned. It has. So a deadbeat dad (who is hiding from arrest warrants) is throwing out all kinds of baseless nonsense, innuendos, and flat-out lies to a group of followers so small that he doesn’t have to take off both shoes to count them.

And he can’t even be sure that they really believe him.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has something to say about Neal Rauhauser here.

Light Blogging Ahead Today

Although the NASA System Engineering Seminar I was planning to attend today has been postponed because of … oh, never mind … I’ll still be spending most of the day going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it as I tend to some very interesting errands.

Who knows? Some interesting blog posts might result from what I find.

Things I’ve Done

One of my hobbies is amateur radio. I’ve been interested in radio since I was a kid, but when my friends were getting their ham licenses back in the ’60s, I got a First Class commercial license. While they played with 75 W Heathkit DX-40s, I was running a 50,000 W Continental Electronics 317C at WLAC.

I never got into amateur radio as a personal hobby until my son William took an interest. We took our licensing exams together. Since 1998, I’ve been licensed as W3JJH. William and I have had the opportunity to get involved in community service as ham radio operators. For example, during Hurricane Isabel, we were the radio operators at the Alternate Emergency Operations Center for our county and ran the net control station for the backup communications radio net. Emergency planners sometimes forget the resource they have in volunteer ham operators. Our county did once, and decided they could rely on cell phones for backup. The tornado hit the cell tower.

Field day 2003One of the other things that William and I do together each year is participate in Field Day. During that event, hams from all over the U. S. and Canada set up portable stations in the field and practice handling brief message traffic. It started in the ’30s as an emergency drill. Now, it’s as much a social event. The picture at the left shows me during Field Day 2003 operating a station that sends text-based traffic.

Amateur radio is a multi-faceted hobby. My main interest these days is trying communicate around the world using as little power as possible and designing and building as much of my equipment as possible. The ham buzzwords for that are QRP and homebrew.

UPDATE—Back in the ’60s, you had to be at least 18 to use a CB radio. My First Class commercial license allowed me to legally repair a CB radio before it was legal for me to use one.

Go figure.