An Email

I received this email on Thursday evening.

From: “” <>
Subject: An Explanation?
Date: January 14, 2016 at 9:26:59 PM CST

Mr. Hoge:

I’m wondering if you would oblige me with an explanation. This blank file is saved in your SCRIBD account. I have two questions which are in vital need of an answer from you.

[embedded images reproduced below]

1. Are you concerned about my mental well-being, or is this just another example of harassment from you?

2. Was this form filled out and mailed, or did you just leave it in your SCRIBD folder for shits and grins?

Given that I am the only person you know that lives in Wisconsin, at the moment, I am taking this as a serious threat that requires a serious response on my part. So, I am hoping you will take a moment to oblige me with an answer explaining the presence of this form on your SCRIBD account. If it has been filled in and sent to anyone, please let me know. If it has not been filled out and sent to anyone, then no harm no foul. But I need to know, sir, and I need to know very soon.


Bill Schmalfeldt

Other than to note that I have extended family who live in the region between Chicago and Milwaukee, I have no comment. Some things simply aren’t any of Bill Schmalfeldt’s business.Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.17.09 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-14 at 9.17.25 PM

A Wrap-up on the Party

Thanks for all of your good wishes for a happy birthday. Please accept my wishes for a Happy New Year in return and my thanks to all the Lickspittles, Zombies, and other friends who stopped by, especially those at the virtual party in the comment section.

It’s been a pleasant gathering of a diverse bunch of people. The guests included a beekeeper, a professional photographer, an architect, a clinical psychologist, an church music director, a graduate student, a stock broker, a lawyer, a high school shop teacher, a medical records clerk, a warehouse worker, a pharmacy technician, and a professional drummer among others. I know a broad range of interesting people.

The food was excellent, and I think I going to have another serving of that trifle that one of our friends made before I pack it in for the night.