Barbarian Thuggery


The issue shown at the left got the offices of Charlie Hebdo firebombed in 2011. (Mohammed is saying, “100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.”) Today, gunmen murdered a dozen members of the publications staff.

Barbarian thugs have struck a blow against the free expression of ideas.

They must not be allowed to win.

UPDATE—A first-hand account from the scene.

Once in Royal David’s City

That’s the name of the Christmas carol that opens the Nine Lesson and Carols service at King’s College, Cambridge, each Christmas Eve. Some archeologists have suggested that Kings David and Solomon as described in the Bible are more legend than fact. However, a group of bullae (clay seals used with ancient government documents) dating from the 10th century BC was recently found in Israel. The existence of such bullae suggests that a very organized and centralized government existed in Israel in that era, something which tends to confirm the Biblical record.

Team of Bumblers

Michael Hirsch has a post over at Politico called Team of Bumblers?. Hirsch’s post deals with whether or not the Administration’s team is up to the challenge of dealing with ISIL/ISIS/IS. The sharp-eyed Gentle Reader will note that I deleted the question mark in the title of this post.

If Barack Obama really wanted to crush ISIS, he wouldn’t be sending soldiers and Marines to advise the Iraqis. He’d send his economic team to advise ISIS.