Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

The Cabin Boy™ isn’t even a good concern troll.SRN201503112246ZAs Team Kimberlin has been pointing out, I am 67 years old. I’ve been enrolled in Medicare for over two years.MedicareI use one of the low end insurance plans available at work as a “Medigap” policy. However, because Mrs. Hoge is several years younger than I am, she has been separately insured since I turned 65. My employment (including the income stream it provides) has no effect on her health insurance.

Prevarication Du Jour

SRN201503071953ZThe team of physicians and other medical professionals treating Mrs. Hoge’s includes faculty members of a major university school of medicine. They are aware of, and in some cases are principal investigators of, various research programs, including some funded by the NIH. Additionally, there are several physicians in our extended families, some of whom practice oncology or related fields.

I’ll be blunt. Mrs. Hoge has a great deal of confidence in our family members and others currently engaged in the practice of medicine and their ability to make recommendations for treatment options. She has no confidence in an admittedly-demented former PR flack with a stale Rolodex of bureaucratic connections.

She has been making her treatment decision based on the advice of those professionals, and I believe that she has been choosing wisely.

About Mrs. Hoge

Last week, I told you about Mrs. Hoge having surgery for a compression fracture in her spine. She is recovering well from that surgery, although she has had problems with pain management. She thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes.

It turns out that the reason her vertebra failed was that it had been weakened by bone cancer. She will begin a course of treatment for that when she has sufficiently recovered from the back surgery. She asks that you continue to pray for her.