Do We Want to Win?

Larry Kudlow has a piece up called If We Want to Destroy ISIS, We Can Destroy ISIS. This raises the question: Are we willing to destroy ISIS? Do we want to win?

Here’s what winning a war looks like:Atlanta 1864That’s a picture of Atlanta in 1864. Here’s what Berlin and Hiroshima looked like in 1945.1945

In the wars we’ve won, the United States crushed our enemies. We killed them and laid waste to their countries until we destroyed their will to continue fighting. Even if we knew how to go about doing that in the present circumstance with ISIS, I’m not sure we are willing to do the hard work of inflicting sufficient pain of our enemy to win.

Income Inequality

The Washington Free Beacon has a post up titled Wealth of Congressional Democrats Spikes Despite Income Inequality Agenda. (H/T, Instapundit, who points out that they misspelled because of.)

The individual median wealth for congressional members in 2014 hovered around the $1.1 million mark—a jump of 6.7 percent from 2013. According to the most recently available numbers, the wealth of American households, by comparison, sat at $56,335 in 2013, meaning that one member’s net worth is equal to that of 19.5 households.

Read the whole thing.

Common Sense Gun Law Repealed

22LR-207x300One of the “common sense” gun control laws inflicted on the us here the Democratic Peoples Republic of Maryland has been repealed. The State Police will no longer be collecting a fired shell casing from each new handgun sold in the state. After 15 years, around $5,000,000, and not a single solved crime, the program will end. The State Police have not yet decided what to do with the 340,000 shell casings lurking in the basement at the Headquarters in Pikesville.

The best solution would probably be to sell the three rooms full of brass as scrap metal. That way, the shell casing from my .22 target pistol can be recycled into something useful.

BTW, swapping the barrel and firing pin on a handgun with parts from others of the same model easily defeats the system.