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JOHN: Hi, this is W. J. J. Hoge stepping out of character to offer my thanks and the thanks of Patrick Grady for everyone’s help in dealing with one particular harasser and cyberstalker. The donations from members of Team Lickspittle and others helped Mr. Grady pay for his travel and other expenses associated with the recent vexatious peace order filed agains him. Unfortunately, Patrick Grady is not the only blogger being victimize by lawfare. Others are being vexatiously sued too. You can help them also. Here’s our Announcer to explain how.

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s next opportunity to embarrass himself in court is coming on Friday. He’s filed for a peace order petition against Patrick Grady. As I pointed out in an earlier post, there doesn’t seem to be any actual legal basis for his petition.

It looks as if Schmalfeldt’s behavior toward Mr. Grady has violated Md. Crim. Law § 3-803, the general harassment statute. I have seen an incomplete list of harassing contacts alleged to have occurred after Mr. Grady asked TDPS to knock it off. There were 23 separate items, 15 of which occurred after the Cabin Boy™ had been served with the paperwork for the Illinois no contact petition. It may be that the person entitled to a Maryland peace order is Mr. Grady.

popcorn4bkIt would be a shame for him to come all the way to Maryland and not take a few minutes to fill out the paperwork and spend a few more in an ex parte hearing with a judge. Perhaps TDPS’s attempt at pushback will cause him more trouble that it’s worth.

Stay tuned.

The Popehat Signal is Up

Ken White has the Popehat Signal up seeking pro bono legal assistance for consumers who are being sued by a company called Roca Labs because they publicly complained about the company. Roca Labs produces a pink slime that one is supposed to eat to suppress the appetite.

If you’re a lawyer, especially a Florida lawyer, click on the link and check out the outrageous suit Roca has filed.

BTW, Ken White used the Popehat Signal to find pro bono counsel for Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and me in the state vexatious lawsuit that Brett Kimberlin filed against us.

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt

Somethings happen in the real world that are so mind-bogglingly stupid that no one would believe you if you made them up yourself. A major epicenter of such foolishness is the The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt.

The Cabin Boy™ has been engaged in cyberthuggery for several years. Last year, he began to be held accountable for his mischief when I secured a peace order against him here in Maryland. Earlier this year, he was on the receiving end of a couple of Arizona restraining orders. On Monday, there will be a hearing on a non-contact order in Cook County, Illinois.

TDPS seems to think that it is unfair for him to be held accountable for his harassment. He’s tried to push back when his victims have sought protection. Last December, he tried to file a charge of perjury against me for my testimony against him. That failed. This past spring, he tried to sue 10 people who were calling him out on his thuggery. He withdrew the suit. Now, he is trying to get a Maryland peace order against Patrick Grady, the person seeking protection from the courts in Illinois.BSvPG PO PetitionThere are so many holes in his petition. First, false statements on a document signed under penalty of perjury is not one of the predicate acts for a Maryland peace order. Second, the Maryland statute (Criminal Law § 3-805) defines stalking as an act that includes “approaching or pursuing another.” You can’t do that on the Internet. Unless, TDPS can show that Mr. Grady physically approached him, stalking is a non-starter.

Third, writing about someone on the Internet (baring threats and libel) is an activity protected under the First Amendment and cannot trigger either the Maryland harassment statute (§ 3-803) as a predicate act for a peace order. Failing to understand this point is what Judge Cornelius Vaughey so famously got wrong in the second Kimberlin v. Walker peace order case in 2012. Unless TDPS can show how something Mr. Grady published exceeds the limits described by the Supreme Court in Ohio v. Brandenburg, harassment is a dead issue as well.

popcorn4bkThe Cabin Boy™ would do well to withdraw his petition or, at the very least, fail to show up in court for the final hearing. Otherwise, … well, let’s just say Mr. Grady doesn’t strike we has someone who intends to roll over and play dead.

I am given to understand that, if there is a hearing next Friday, there will coverage by multiple bloggers.

The Grady Fund

The Hogewash! PayPal account is accepting donations for the Patrick Grady Legal Fund. The full face value amount of the donations will be forwarded to Mr. Grady. (I will be making up for the cut PayPal takes as my contribution to the fund.)

To donate, use the Tip Jar link and specify Grady Legal Fund as the purpose.

UPDATE—Patrick Grady has been one of the targets of online harassment by Bill Schmalfeldt. He is seeking a no-contact order. The case is scheduled for next Monday in Cook County, Illinois.