Unmanaging the Unmanageable

Jennifer Rubin has a piece over at WaPo about the commander-in-chief’s meltdown in the polls. It begins:

President Obama’s petulant news conference in Turkey insisting there is no need to shift our strategy for fighting the Islamic State might have been the low point in his presidency. But that does not mean he’s hit rock bottom.

Yeah, well, until he hits bottom, he’s not going to realize that he’s powerless over the world situation and that our lives have become unmanageable.

Read the whole thing.

Mmmmm … Breakfast and an Endorsement

Coffee, fruit salad, and waffles. With interesting companions. Our host was State Delegate Susan Krebs.

Just before breakfast I had an opportunity to interview Kathy Szeliga who is running for the Republican nomination for U. S. Senator in next year’s election to fill the open seat left by Barbara Mikulski’s retirement. Based on her record in the Maryland Legislature and her levelheaded answers to my questions, Hogewash! endorses her candidacy.

Feminist Identity Politics

Vote for me because I’m [insert identity]!

Certainly, Hillary Clinton has said one reason to vote for her is that she’s a woman, and some on the left have committed the sin of questioning whether that is a good enough reason. As a result, we’re beginning to see some interesting pushback from feminists. Michelle Goldberg, a Sanders support by the way, has a piece over at Slate complaining about how men are explaining Hillary to her.

Of course, people of good faith are going to disagree about individual examples of sexism. What’s immensely frustrating, however, is to realize how many ostensibly enlightened men think that gender can ever be totally disaggregated from Clinton’s efforts to become the first female president. They seem to believe that their class politics exempt them from taking sexism seriously. They certainly don’t care about female leadership.

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise; as long as feminism has existed, left-wing men have dismissed it as a bourgeois triviality. Now we know how little things have changed.

Read the whole thing. Meanwhile, I, as an unenlightened male, will keep looking forward to the American equivalent of Margaret Thatcher arriving on our political scene.