Income Inequality

The Washington Free Beacon has a post up titled Wealth of Congressional Democrats Spikes Despite Income Inequality Agenda. (H/T, Instapundit, who points out that they misspelled because of.)

The individual median wealth for congressional members in 2014 hovered around the $1.1 million mark—a jump of 6.7 percent from 2013. According to the most recently available numbers, the wealth of American households, by comparison, sat at $56,335 in 2013, meaning that one member’s net worth is equal to that of 19.5 households.

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A Financial Powerhouse

The Cabin Boy™ has taken to bragging about how successful he has been as an author. He claims to have made $675.76 (almost two day’s pay for a GS-13) over the past several years through the sale of books, CDs, and mp3s.


UPDATE—I see that the Cabin Boy™ wants to have his rantings actually noticed, so he’s commenting on this post. Given that this blog has been averaging 4,461 hits per day this year, he’ll certainly do better here than with a Twitter account with 27 followers.

Reality 101

Deana Chadwell has a post on Reality Therapy for Liberals over at American Thinker.

Most importantly we need to acknowledge that God and the laws He created control almost every facet of existence, yet still allow for man to enjoy free will. The breathtakingly elegance of this universe, rich with mind-boggling, intricate detail underscores that fact. Everything operates on a pattern, a pretty tight pattern. If something gets even a little out of whack all hell breaks loose.

We all recognize natural law (with the possible exception of the Darwin Award winners).

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