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HyperionThe Cassini spacecraft will make its last close approach to Saturn’s large, irregularly shaped moon Hyperion tomorrow. Cassini will pass by Hyperion at a distance of about 34,000 km at around 13:36  UTC. Images should arrive from the encounter to within 24 to 48 hours.

Hyperion rotates chaotically, tumbling unpredictably as it orbits Saturn. That makes it  challenging to target a specific region of the moon’s surface, and most of Cassini‘s previous close approaches have seen the same side of the craggy moon. The view above is from the closest encounter back in 2005. Mission scientists have hopes of seeing different terrain on Hyperion than the mission has previously explored in detail during tomorrow’s encounter, but this is not guaranteed.

BTW, the first time I saw this picture, I was reminded of a wasps’ nest.

Image Credit: NASA