The Super Bubble Nebula

N70N 70 is a “Super Bubble” in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy to the Milky Way in the southern sky about 160,000 light-years away. It’s a luminous bubble of interstellar gas, measuring about 300 light-years in diameter, created by winds from hot, massive stars and supernova explosions.

Image Credit: ESO

Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

One of Team Kimberlin’s principal accusations is that they are the the victims of “false narratives.” Indeed, The Dreadful Pro-Se Scmalfeldt goes on and on about “provably false” statements in his latest LOLsuit. That LOLsuit is certainly full of them.

At the motion to dismiss stage, the court is supposed consider if, as a matter of law, it would be possible to grant relief to the plaintiff if his well-pleaded claims are true. If the allegations of the complaint are insufficient even if true, then the case should be dismissed before it wastes any more of the court’s time.

A motion to dismiss is already in process, but the standard the plaintiff must meet in Maryland state courts are not as rigorous as in federal courts, so state cases are more likely to wind up surviving motions to dismiss. At that point, the facts come into play.

popcorn4bkThis post is a bleg for some crowd sourcing. What are the “provably false” statements in TDPS’s complaint? If you see something, identify it in the comment section, but don’t educate the fail whale. Don’t explain why it’s false, and don’t explain how he might fix his problem in an amended complaint.

UPDATE—If you would prefer to send your list of “provably false” statements via email as Aaron Walker suggests, please use the address found on the DMCA Contact page and please include the word LOLsuit in the subject line. ;D