Programming Reminder

ANNOUNCER: As was announced Monday, the Blognet crew is off eating turkeys this weekend rather than investigating them. Yours Truly, Johnny Atsign will be back on Monday, and Blognet will return next Friday. Both programs are presented at 6 pm ET.

Meanwhile, have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend, and stop by The Hogewash Store for some holiday weekend shopping.

This is LBS, the Lickspittle Broadcasting System.

The Southern Crab

He2-104An unlikely pair of stars may have created this oddly-shaped nebula resembling nesting hourglasses. Images taken with Earth-based telescopes show the larger, hourglass-shaped nebula, but the Hubble telescope, reveals a smaller nebula embedded in the center of the larger one. See the insert The entire nebula is called the “Southern Crab Nebula” (He2-104) because it looks like the body and legs of a crab as seen from ground-based observatories. The likely source of the the larger and smaller nebulae is a pair of aging stars buried in the glow of the tiny, central nebula. One of them is a red giant, a bloated star that is exhausting its nuclear fuel and is shedding its outer layers in a powerful stellar wind. Its companion is a hot, white dwarf, a stellar zombie of a burned-out star.

Image Credit: NASA

The Pie Recipe

Here’s the recipe for William’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie.

Make the filing of equal amounts of Stayman Winesap and Pink Lady apples tossed together with Grade B maple syrup (that’s the dark kind with extra solids). Put the filing in a pie shell and add the lattice top made of butcher cut bacon. The bacon will shrink while cooking, so the ends will initially droop over the edge of the pie shell. Bake in a 350 °F oven until the shell and bacon are done. Put a drip pan under the pie to catch drips from the bacon.

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